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Acts by les Vitaminés


Choose among this selection of acts à la carte to entertain your guests at events. Numbers can be combined to create a custom show.



This is the act that made the worldwide reputation of Les Vitaminés. Two men in tights reconcile after a devastating quarrel. You will witness their reunion through a circus number bringing together acrobatics, humour and modern dance. A loopy scenario and guaranteed laughter.




In the left corner, a small bantam. In the right corner a large heavyweight. All hits are allowed in this acrobatic boxing match. You will be bowled over by their tricks and joyful rivalry. Book your seats!



Here is our latest number. A man tries by every means available to pursue his daily life regardless of the giant bubble holding him captive. A poetic metaphor for our daily challenges. Charming, heartwarm, and hilarious, this character will take you from laughter to tears. Don’t fear entering his bubble.





hand balancing


Two coworkers entertain the peanut gallery at the end of the well-imbibed annual office party. The wild rhythm of the music and their somersaults will take more than a few by surprise. Unusual acrobatics, a sense of balance that defies gravity, and tomfoolery worthy of the best late nights. Enjoy this explosive cocktail in their company!



This slapstick-style number presents two insane men joining in a mad pursuit filled with stunts and jokes. With one on his mount and the other armed with funfair implements, you lose track of who’s pursuing whom. This chase is reminiscent of the silent movies of the 20s.




A man who can’t control his skates, and another who juggles whatever comes to hand. Two suitcases used as bread slice. Prowess that defies the ordinary. Laughter front beginning to end.


COMIC Trapeze


They used to be the best trapeze artists in the world, and their number was a grandiose work of art. They are now back after a long absence. Their number hasn’t changed, but the times and the audience are no longer the same. These two has-been trapeze artists, however, no longer have the virtuosity they once had. Regardless of multiple mishaps, they will try to preserve the only two things remaining to them – their honour… and their sparkling unitards.

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