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Les Vitaminés


A duo of comic acrobats, Les Vitaminés dazzle audiences of all ages. Modern dance parody using Pilates balls, clownish boxing, tragicomic trapeze number, or dynamic mano a mano are all part of the unusual circus numbers performed by Les Vitaminés to suit all tastes. Add a touch of humour and zaniness to your events and festivals with this explosive duo.


From 2007 to 2010, they took part in the Wintuk Cirque du Soleil show in New-York.


Between 2012 and 2014, Les Vitaminés went touring in Germany with “Quebec 2nd Avenue” for the GOP Company (cabaret).

In 2016, they made two new numbers:  Bike Chase and Bubble Boy


Smoke act is on the way..


Cbastien Tardif


Working in the circus field for more than 15 years, Cbastien learned the trade at the École de cirque de Québec. Touching on about every discipline, he finally settled on developing acrobatic characters with a comical bent.


In 1998, he started his professional career with the Cirque Éos as the main character. For more than 4 years, he had a grand time touring with the company.


In 2003, he joined the great adventure of Cirque du Soleil, and became a major comic character in KÀ in Las Vegas, directed by Robert Lepage.


In the summer of 2005, Cbastien decided to return to Quebec and, with Vincent, to create the duo “Les Vitaminés”.


In 2011, wishing to democratize the arts, Cbastien created the Ni Vu Ni Cornu art gallery with four other people. The artwork exhibited had to be accessible and unique.


Cbastien has always loved transforming daily items to repurpose them for a new use. That’s why in 2012, he decided to create his own “enjoyable trade” by mixing all the things he enjoys doing – renovating, creating, tinkering, puttering about, and celebrating uniqueness. The Snoro Company was born of this endeavour.    


Vincent Dubé


A graduate of the École de cirque de Québec, Vincent got his start in 1995 with Les Tourisk acrobatic jugglers. This quartet won the gold medal and the audience-favourite prize at the 1998 IJA (International Jugglers Association).


From 1998 to 2002, Vincent helped create the Imaginaire show by Cirque ÉOS with which he performed over 500 times around the world.


In the meantime, he created other numbers independently and with his new partner Cbastien. He was particularly interested in using daily items as circus props, and conversely, using circus devices as stage props. This is a passion shared by his partner Cbastien which led to the creation of the duo Les Vitaminés in 2005.


Since 2002, Vincent has travelled throughout America, Europe and Asia with his own solo shows, with the Les Tourisk quartet, but mostly with the duo Les Vitaminés.


He codirected his first show in 2011 at the GOP cabarets in Germany and founded his own production company, Machine de Cirque, in 2013.

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