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“It brought tears of joy to our eyes … The melancholy of November was royally forgotten. The Ballet-ball act is world-class. On its own, this number is worth attending the show. This show clearly demonstrates why Canada is among the 8 best circus act producers. If you are looking for an original Christmas Gift with satisfaction guaranteed, this is a sure bet.”



“The audience’s favourites were clearly Vincent Dubé et Sébastien Tardif, who make up the duo “Les Vitaminés”, and go from one comic number to the next. They perform a splendid boxing match and then dance with exercise balls in a most refreshing manner.”
Michaela Podschun Mindener Tageblatt, Germany
“The Vitaminés duo by themselves with their Pilates balls give a performance that is incredibly funny and that will knock your socks off.”
Westfälische Nachrichten


“The start of this boxing number is something else when suddenly, the two comics, Vincent Dubé and Sébastien Tardif, find themselves center stage and decide to have a fight. It is absolutely hilarious and to me, the high point of the show.”
“An international show that will set your seat on fire!”
“The real knock-out was the Vincent Dubé and Sébastien Tardif duo who performed a high-level and very different type of comedy. The Canadian consular representative who was present that night was very proud of the Quebec artists.”
ESSEN Zeitung

“It was very funny and we had a good time. There is a very intelligent demagogy there.”

Gilbert Rozon, M6, France 



“It’s lively, it’s fast, it’s well honed, it’s well played.”

Patrick Dupont, M6, France 



“The great strength of this duo is to genuinely become part of the show while giving very funny winks and in constantly adapting their performance over the 9 shows.”, France



“Other artists, Les Vitaminés... ...performed some acrobatics in the same class as Cirque Du Soleil. Their numbers were dizzying, astounding, often humoristic, and the audience kept wanting more. Pure delirium in the most positive sense of the word.” 



“… The show Les Vitaminés, under the Bessières bridge arch, dazzles by its down-at-the-heel zaniness and its lessons in elegance together with Pilates ball and tutus… They dare balancing feats that generate gasps of wonder from the audience.”

24 Heures, Suisse 



“After this torrent of words, the extremely physical and mute performance of “LES VITAMINÉS” (Vincent Dubé et Cbastien Tardif) was a delightful contrast. It’s amazing what you can do with muscles and a couple of Pilates balls.”

Radio CHYZ , Myreille Soucy 



“Les Vitaminés and their exercise balls blend circus art and dance in an extravagant and poetic number. Refreshing.”, Québec 



“Charlie Chaplin, the musician who left the shadow of the Little Tramp… the circus and the OSQ are back at the Grand Théâtre tonight... Two clowns, dancers with a charming sense of humour, brought us into the spirit of the evening. They are worthy successors to the Little Tramp that the audience warmly applauded (the number with the balls)."

Journal le Soleil 



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